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WLF is currently the market leader in the domestic market of portable socket outlets (PSO) e.g. adaptors, plug tops, travel adaptors, night-light and telephone accessories etc. The limited market size inhibits the full potential of the company's vast manufacturing facilities in Malaysia. By adopting innovative approaches tomanufacturing, WLF had managed to cut down production cost by increasing the capacity per man-day whilst simultaneously increasing  the safety factor of their products. Thistechnology has been patented. Future plans include and expansion is dominated by MK (United Kingdom) and Clipsal (Australia). WLF is now  ready to venture overseas as they have established a firm local base, an extended range of products, increased capacity and greater cost competitiveness.

WLF plans to diversify into Europe and commonwealth countries especially countries like United Kingdom, Cyprus, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Mauritius, Fiji Islands, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, Kuwait, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and South Africa. From the market assessments that have been conducted, the finding showed that these countries are using the same plugs as Singapore. As the technology that is being used by those countries is the same as Singapore, there is a big market there for WLF's products. Besides, for country like United Kingdom, there are a few major brands; MK, Contactum, etc. WLF believes that their products are highly competitive and unique to penetrate into these markets and to join some of the global players in this arena.

WLF's strategy in penetrating into these markets is firstly by setting up distributorships or representative offices in United Kingdom. The reason UK is being chosen as the starting point is because UK is the based for industry standards, especially for commonwealth countries. By the 3rd quarter of 2002 there will be appointed distributors in UK and the setting up of representative offices in UK is targeted in the 4th quarter of 2002. WLF is sourcing for network of dealers with at least 2 years experience intrading of electrical accessories.

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